AMICOM Consulting & Strategy: Case Study Chevron

AMICOM Consulting & Strategy: Case Study Chevron

AMICOM Consulting & Strategy has consolidated the reputation of Chevron in Romania.

AMICOM Consulting & Strategy provided communications services for Chevron, one of the world’s largest oil producers and distributors, during 2011-2013. At the time, the US company was planning to invest in operations in Eastern Europe, while already being present in over 100 countries and having more than 66,000 employees. In relation to Chevron, AMICOM Consulting & Strategy was subcontracted to Edelman, and the pitch for representing the US company in Romania was won in London, where AMICOM Consulting & Strategy was highly regarded as a communications expert on energy and public affairs.

The objectives of the project coordinated by AMICOM Consulting & Strategy for Chevron were:

  • Strengthening customer reputation in Romania as a world leader in energy;
  • Improving the relationship with public institutions and obtaining their support for the projects that the company intends to carry out in Romania;
  • Maximize positive corporate coverage at national level;
  • Improving the level of understanding of decision-makers regarding Chevron’s potential activities in Romania as well as in the energy field;
The strategy used by AMICOM Consulting & Strategy has embedded public relations and agency capabilities. The coordinated campaign for the US company has begun with a market research and comprehensive strategy in order to have an overview of Chevron’s media positioning opportunities. Then the next step was to address relevant policy makers and to highlight the full range of client capabilities and its economic potential. Media messages have also been focused on topics such as energy independence, social protection and environmental care. Attracting public debate to a field of reason, where energy specialists have spoken, was the final stage of the media strategy developed for Chevron.

The result of the campaign coordinated by AMICOM Consulting & Strategy was the understanding of the need for shale gas development in Romania as well as the approval of the exploitation.