AMICOM Consulting & Strategy: Case study BAE Systems

AMICOM Consulting & Strategy: Case study BAE Systems

AMICOM Consulting & Strategy consolidated the image of British company BAE Systems in Romania.

BAE Systems is the UK’s largest defense company with over 88,000 employees and a profit of over £ 1 billion in 2006. The company was set up on November 30, 1999 by merging the former British Aerospace (BAE) and Marconi Electronic Systems (MES). BAE Systems is involved in the development, delivery and maintenance of dry, air or water defense systems, being the world’s largest defense technology company. AMICOM Consulting & Strategy has provided public relations services for the British company.

The objectives of the project coordinated by AMICOM Consulting & Strategy for BAE Systems were:

  • Promoting the RG31 armored vehicle to audiences in Romania;
  • Strengthening the reputation of the customer in Romania as a leader in the production of military equipment for land;
  • Improving the relationship with media representatives in Romania;
  • Better understanding of the depth and depth of BAE Systems competencies;
  • Support for the export campaign of RG 31 for Romania, as well as maximizing the positive coverage for the company.

The strategy used by AMICOM Consulting & Strategy was built around journalists who had not previously been influenced by negative news about the company. Media messages were focused on vehicle performance, not on regular sales messages. Through advertising campaigns, AMICOM has succeeded in increasing the popularity and credibility of BAE Systems in Romania. The target media of the advertising campaigns was made up of defense journalists, from TV stations, national daily newspapers and TV producers.