AMICOM Consulting & Strategy: Case Study AAA Auto

AMICOM Consulting & Strategy: Case Study AAA Auto

AMICOM Consulting & Strategy has provided public relations services for AAA Auto.

AAA AUTO was a medium-sized brand in Romania, with a poor media presence, but with great ambitions in the field of commercial vehicle sales. The customer has decided to open a new showroom in Bucharest and use this opportunity to improve their image in the market and increase their sales.

The AMICOM team proposed to organize an event, associated with the opening of the new showroom, which will include a press conference to present the showroom and the client’s future plans. The client has approved a list of 8 specialized publications, 27 daily newspapers, 7 TV stations, 2 radio stations and 3 news agencies, a total of 39 media units with national coverage. The concept of the event was built around two axes: (1) the speculation of the momentary political and administrative context: the first registration fee, and (2) the attendance at the event of the General Manager of the client.

AMICOM organized and managed the relationship with the media for the event, held at the new showroom of the client. A total of 27 journalists attended the event, of which 6 from specialized publications, 9 from daily newspapers, 4 from TV stations, 1 radio and 3 agencies. The event was moderated by the famous presenter of the most popular Romanian TV program and had both an informative character and a significant part dedicated to entertainment.

After the launch of the new showroom of AAA Auto, 20 articles were published in 14 newspapers and 2 specialty magazines, 3 national TV stations (ProTV, RealitateaTV, PrimaTV and The Money Channel) repeatedly broadcast the news, and one post of the national radio (Radio Romania) covered the event. The news websites also covered the subject, as were the three main news agencies (Rompres, Mediafax and NewsIn). All mentions were positive, including numerous references to the company’s name, quoted by the Chief Executive, showroom images.

One month after the event, the prestigious TV program “ProMotor” presented by Roxana Ciuhulescu (moderator of the press conference) began and ended with images from the new AAA Auto showroom.